Wonder is…

“Punctuationally speaking, wonder is a period at the end of the statement we’ve long taken for granted, suddenly looking up and seeing the sinuous curve of a tall black hat on its head, and realizing it was a question mark all along.” 

– David James Duncan

David perfectly captures what “wonder” is all about. This sweet or rude awakening will take you on this journey to question, to think through, to ask and to doubt. The floor of faith that you stood on for years and years might collapse in a moment, you might feel betrayed, you might feel people laughing at you and you might be even compelled to confess that you didn’t have all the answers all this time. You might wonder, how on earth you’ll get back up again.

This realization might make you panic, maybe even scared, maybe even more skeptical towards everything in life. All I want to say to you at that point is, “It’s ok because, you’ll soon stumble upon the true wonderful life.”


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