I have a passion for toilets. One of my hobbies (I’m not sure if it is a hobby) is when I enter a building, restaurant, or even someone’s house, I always take a tour of the bathrooms.

I simply observe the interior design, the decorations, the color, the mood, the toilet seats, the wash basin, the mirror, the floor, the ceiling and check to see if it’s clean.

Unfortunately 90% of the toilets I visit are below the standard. Every human being on earth (7 billion now) makes a visit to the bathroom everyday and I don’t understand why they are so poorly designed and poorly managed.

But once in a while, I would discover a bathroom that is well designed, a place where I feel comfortable, a place where I feel clean and a bathroom I would like to use again.

In the US there is a website called: America’s Best Bathroom. Starting from 2002, each year they pick the best bathrooms in the country. (Go check out the images, they are quite amazing)

In Tom Peter’s book “The Little Big Things” the first chapter is ironically about bathrooms. The guru of management thinks it’s important and I wholeheartedly agree with him. We need better bathrooms at our work, school, in the streets and even at our homes.