San Diego Beach

“Wonder is my second favorite condition to be in, after love- and I sometimes wonder whether there’s even a difference: maybe love is just wonder aimed at a beloved. 

Wonder is like grace, in that it’s not a condition we grasp: wonder grasps us. We do have the freedom to elude wonder’s grasp. We have the freedom to do all sorts of stupid things. By deploying cynicism, rationalism, fear, arrogance, judgementalism, we can evade wonder nonstop, all our lives. 

Philosophically speaking, wonder is crucial to finding knowledge yet has everything to do with ignorance. Only an admission of ignorance can open us to fresh knowing. Wonder is the experience of that admission: wonder is unknowing, experienced as pleasure.”

– book: God laughs and Plays by David James Duncan

The few paragraphs above speaks straight to my heart and this is why I love the word “wonder.” I have no more to add or subtract. All I want to say is that I feel alive when I am able to wonder. Once I stop wondering, I am dead.