Life is full of surprises like a roller coaster ride with unexpected twists and turns. I call it a surprise because it violates my conventional wisdom and second because there is always an underlying reason or meaning to such cause.

I have to admit that during the ride it’s not so pleasant and entertaining but when one looks back, you will admit it was well worth it.

Some examples of surprises from around the world (to me at least):

  • Obama the first African American to be President of the US
  • the Arab Spring and the fall of Gaddafi and Mubarak
  • the death of Steve Jobs (no seriously)
  • Facebook to have more than 845 million users

Personal examples of surprises:

  • to have lived in Botswana for 6 years
  • dropping out of college in Korea and ended up going to college in America
  • elected as the VP of student senate and resign in 6 weeks
  • apply as an interpreting officer for the military (to the marines to be specific)
  • convert to Buddhism (no just kidding)

In the movie Ratatouille Remy wonderfully captures about the surprises in life

The only thing predictable about life is it’s unpredictability.” 

It’s the truth and I accept it both with mind and heart. Honestly I look forward to what lies ahead or in other words I posses an unwavering sense of hope and anticipation that it will all turn out ok.

So February 21st, surprise me and I will surprise you!