I like watching movies and so do you. In other words I hate bad movies and recently I came across some bad ones: The Tree of Life and Love Fiction (Korean).

I chose to watch the Tree of Life for 2 reasons: Brad Pitt and it’s philosophical-like title. When the movie started and five minutes passed, I told myself this movie can’t be running like this for the next 2 hours. Frankly, it did (you know what I mean if you’ve watched it). Even the person sitting next to me chose to leave after watching the first 15 minutes. Me on the other hand decided to stay, hoping to figure out the director’s sophisticated intention. I walked out the movie both failing to understand the movie and dissatisfied. I read reviews and articles on this movie but my mind still failed to grasp the message.

Love Fiction was recommended by my sister but was first skeptical of the choice. I conceded and walked out again disappointed. I felt I wasted my time and energy watching such movie. I blamed my sister for her poor choice in the movie selection but she reminded my past of choosing The Tree of Life so I was speechless.

After watching these two movies, I asked myself “How can I avoid watching such boring movies again?” But here is what I learned or a fact of life: you will come across both good movies and the bad for the rest of your life. In other words I am capable of choosing both good and bad movies to watch. Somehow I expected that every decision I make and will make will be perfect in every sense. This is not realistic nor I think is healthy. Frankly I cannot make perfect choices every time nor should I be in despair when I fail to do so. I make mistakes and that is what human beings do. It’s not a tragedy to make mistakes but the tragedy is when the mistakes are left as mistakes.

So now I will gracefully embody myself as a person capable of picking bad movies but will not watch The Tree of Life and Love Fiction again.