Andrew Stanton who is a director, writer and producer at Pixar Animations Studios talks about the “magic ingredient” or the “secret sauce” to storytelling. Just to add, he’s the guy who wrote and directed Finding Nemo and Wall-E.

Can you evoke wonder. Wonder is honest, it’s completely innocent, it can’t be artificially evoked. For me there is no greater ability than the gift of another human being giving you that feeling. To hold them still just a brief moment in their day, and have them surrender to wonder. The best stories infuse wonder.”

I have a habit of wondering and people like Stanton affirms what I believe, that wonder is what keeps me alive, wonder creates the feeling of hunger to learn about the world I live in, wonder empowers me to ask why?, wonder creates space in my mind to imagine, wonder opens up the door for new discoveries, wonder calls for my attention in the marginalized areas, wonder permits me to be grateful for our differences, wonder unsettles me to seek truth, wonder leaves me jaw dropping so flies can find shelter, wonder attracts me to appreciate beauty, wonder ignites laughter, wonder invites you to make eye contact, wonder woos you to ask her out, and finally, wonder enables me to love… the pure reason that we were created for.

This is the magic of wonder and when one surrenders to wonder, it’s wonderFULL.

Have a wonderFULL day!