Best Congratulatory Comment

Here is the best comment on congratulating me to the marine corps. It’s remarkable how he framed the words to blow confidence and create anticipation of my intimidating challenge ahead. This is the power of language.

Great to hear from you and to hear about your new challenge.  I’m really excited for you!  These are the kinds of things that bring out the very best in people.  And I’m sure that you’ll rise to that challenge, and further develop those attributes that God will use throughout your life-time.  Under that kind of challenge, there can be no pretense.  You’ll encounter good secular people who are doing the best they know how to do, without the benefit of faith.  And there is much wisdom that can be gleaned form them.  And deep bonds can be formed with them around the human themes that we all share.  To trust them with your life…it doesn’t get much more basic than that.

Congrats on your exhilarating new challenge.  You’ll do great!  When you don’t feel like you’re doing great, that’s part of the process.”

Thank you Reed. 


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