Couple of days before I graduated from Calvin.

One of the best blessings about Calvin College are the professors. My definition of a “good” or “great” professor is not how easy I can receive an A in that class nor the little amount of homework. I define a “good” professor if he or she is able to tug my heart to want to change majors to the one they are teaching.

I majored in psychology but Professor Fondse from the English department is someone who made me want to change to an English major. How did he do it? I want to share the course objectives written on the syllabus he handed out on the first day of class. It’s the only syllabi I still keep until now and you’ll get a sense of why you would want to switch as well.


1. To relish being dazzled gradually. 
2. To nurture delighted attention to words on a page. 
3. To encourage sensitivity to and careful analysis of voices. 
4. To distinguish “between the lighting and the lighting bug” (Twain)
5. To prepare to be cognitively and analytically and emotionally nimble. 
6. To be able to handle being bothered once in a while. 
7. To master the language and analysis of literature. 


Me: Course objective accomplished!