Here is an ad from a car company which is worth reading, worth gasping and to go even further worth writing it on my blog. BMW just don’t manufacture cars but they create lifestyles and emotion for their drivers. They offer more than a vehicle, they offer an unforgettable experience.


On the back of this three-letter word, we built a company. Independent in spirit, philosophy, and practice. Accountable to no one but the driver.

We do not build cars.
We are the creators of emotion.
We are the guardians of exhilaration, thrills, and chills.
We are the Joy of Driving.

No car company can rival our history.
Replicate our passion.
See our vision.
Innovation is our backbone, but Joy is our heart.
We will not stray from our three-letter purpose. We will nurture it.
We will make Joy smarter. We will push it, test it, break it – then build it again. More efficient, more dynamic.
We will give the world the keys to Joy and they will take it for a ride.

And while others try to promise everything, we promise one thing.
The most personal, cherished, and human of all emotions.

This is the story of BMW.
This is the story of Joy.

– BMW print ad, September 2009