When you meet someone for the first time one of the most common questions thrown at you is “Where’s home?” What a minute view of home this person has?!
So you tell them for the one millionth time where your home is.

The place we call home is typically a place, building and a location where we can find it on google maps.

But I am discovering that home for me has a different meaning. Home is where I can make an emotional, spiritual and intellectual connection with another human being. Home for me is not a place, building or location. Rather my home is defined by a group of people and this particular group of people doesn’t have to have the same skin color or the same socio-economic background. So if I feel connected and accepted with a group of people in Botswana, that’s home for me.
My home is not confined to race, buildings, locations, borders nor the dictionary. I can call anything home as long as I feel accepted and I am free to be me. So my home is actually very mobile.

So perhaps that someone you meet for the first time should ask a different set of questions: What’s home? What makes you feel home? Who makes you feel home?