Sarah Kay is a poet, reader, thinker, writer and founder of Project V.O.I.C.E which is a US national movement that inspires youth self-expression through spoken word poetry. She is quite young but she is not scared to tell her stories in a beautifully fabricated way. Actually it was her video that got me re-started to write poetry.

Here is an excerpt from an interview on why she writes poetry CNN:

“When I hear other people’s stories, I like to believe that they contribute to my “Encyclopedia of Human Experience.” The stories I hear help me expand my definition of what love is, what pain feels like, what sacrifice means, what laughter can do. I hear a story and learn from it: I agree, or disagree, or build on it, or expand it, or find some kernel of truth inside of it for myself, that lets me know somebody else is also trying to tackle the same confusing questions that I am.

To me, having the courage to tell your own story goes hand in hand with having the curiosity and humility to listen to others’ stories.

Too often, too many people don’t have the courage or confidence to believe in their own stories. They fear it is boring, or irrelevant, or that somebody else could tell it better.”


And now introducing some of the best lines from “If I should have a daughter…”

She’s gonna learn that this life will hit you, hard, in the face, wait for you to get back up so it can kick you in the stomach. But getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.

Cause there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it’s sent away.

Always apologize when you’ve done something wrong but don’t you ever apologize for the way your eyes refuse to stop shining.