When we walk into our favorite apparel shop and if there is something that catches our attention, we take a bunch into the fitting room and try it out.
College is like a mental fitting room. We make an expensive trip to these places to basically become better people.

Here is what happens in the fitting room:
• First you acknowledge you need to change. Your old clothes might be comfortable or even define who you are but if you don’t change then you are sending an inviation to trouble.

• You recognize yourself in the mirror. You become aware of your body: size, special features and color. Knowing who you are. Being able to shout some answers to this question “Who am I?”

• You undress. Sometimes in order to learn something new you have to unlearn the old ways. You need the courage to be vulnerable, open to criticisms and conversations that you are not familiar with in order to recreate yourself, to become a better person.

• You try on the new clothes. Take new courses, meet new people who broadens your horizon, read books that shake your belief and eventually adopt a new paradigm to view your world in a different way.

• Lastly, you make the choice to change or keep the old.

• Oh and don’t forget to pay!

If you are the same person the first day of orientation and on your graduation day, then you have failed to achieve your fundamental mission which is to become a better person.

P.S. I recommend trying the fitting room Calvin College (nothing to do with Calvin Klein).