I am sitting at the dinner table and my friend is asked to pray.

“Dear God, thank you for the food. Bless our days and let us be prosperous without any problems. Amen.”

Automatically I squirmed. The prayer itself just felt out of touch with life. I do not mean to demeanor my friend’s prayer but such a prayer is not a blessing but a curse. Human beings are wired for struggle. It’s in our DNA. So asking the almighty God to stop us from struggling is in other words saying please help us not to be humans.

Christian’s favorite characters in the Bible: Isaac, David, Peter, Paul, Abraham and so forth. One thing they all have in common is they lived a messed up life and yet still considered a great person of faith. They all had their struggles which became their trademark of faith. That is why we resonate with their stories because their stories are our stories.

Someone like Enoch is perfect to the point of not experiencing death. It is an ideal life to live but I prefer the other ones who misbehaved beautifully.

People I admire: Steve Jobs, J.K.Rowling and Gandhi. They are defined by their struggles too. Without their struggles there is no Steve, no Rowling and no Gandhi.

I don’t enjoy struggle but here are some of the benefits:

  •  struggle forms us to be stronger
  •  struggle makes us emotionally intelligent
  •  struggle forces us to see our inner self
  •  struggle puts us on our knees to feel humble
  •  struggle teaches us to seek help
  •  struggle keeps our trust in Him
  •  struggle is what makes us human

Not too bad for what struggle can do for us. So what are you struggling about?