You Are Enough


It’s D-10 days before the Korean SAT takes place. Thousands of high school seniors have been sleeping no more than 4 hours in preparation for this life changing exam because this exam will determine their path of prosperity. A lie that’s been told so many times in our society that it sounds like the truth.

I wrote this little poem from a parents’ perspective to be a dose of encouragement and hope to all the seniors and who will be one some day.

You are enough for who you are
For calling me dad and mom
For giving it a shot at life’s most difficult challenges.

You are enough for beating the sun in the morning race
For making it home under the stars
For doing your school work inbetween.

You are enough for the presence at the dinner table
Your shoes in the doorway
Your toothbrush in the toilet.

You are enough because you are my beloved.
You are worth of love and belonging.


This fall season is a perfect time for parents to communicate their love because who knows whice one of us will go over the great divide first?


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