Louie Schwartzberg

Wonder which is my second favorite state to be in after love. Louie does a wonderful job of visualizing what wonder looks like in his TED talk.

I’ve been filming time-lapse flowers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for over 35 years. To watch them move is a dance I’m never going to get tired of. It fills me with wonder, and it opens my heart. Beauty and seduction, I believe, is nature’s tool for survival, because we will protect what we fall in love with. Their relationship is a love story that feeds the Earth. It reminds us that we are a part of nature, and we’re not separate from it.

And always take time to smell the flowers, and let it fill you with beauty, and rediscover that sense of wonder.”

Louie Schwartzberg from his TED talk: The Hidden Beauty of Pollination

So wonder is taking the time to smell the flowers.