Play Facilitator

Jeonju, South Korea MC for a church event.
Jeonju, South Korea
MC for a church event.

As you grow old people forget how to play. Grown ups consider that playing is for children and for them they call it entertainment. Or in this age people know how to play only on their screens. We are losing the art of play. Play where you make eye contact, hear other people’s laughter, make physical contact and as a result you get this sense of unification with the group.

One of the things I love to do is to lead recreational games at orientation, camps, retreats and wherever people are together and there is awkwardness in the air. The best way to break that ice in the air is not through a meal but play. So my role is facilitate that play. For me play is like a magic moment where strangers turns into a friend. I create an environment where they feel safe, design room to laugh, help them recognize the name and faces, spark curiosity towards each other (so they can grab a cup of coffee afterwards) and build a sense of oneness. And this is what I love to do.


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