Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea


An excerpt from the book After Shock by Kent Annan.

I hope that I can find liberation in faith and truth. That uncertainty will be a vibrant part of the searching and finding. That ultimately I will keep being steered by love and to love – the gritty kind that is in action, whether it feels fuzzy or not.

If I’m too certain, either congratulations, or may I find comfort with doubt. If I’m too cynical, may I not dull myself to the hopeful, beautiful part of truth. 

At every crisis of faith, what I believe is crucified, and may I wait expectantly, whether in defeat or in joyful hope, to see what part of faith is resurrected. 

I want to be vulnerable to faith, hope and love. Vulnerable to your salvation. Committed to following you. And vulnerable to truth and however that might change my faith. Vulnerable to your love, so do not hide your face from me – that I may not be able to hide my face from you.

Honest faith has to admit that it makes no sense. But maybe it’s not a bad thing to be left echoing what a father prayed for his son’s healing two thousand years ago, “I believe, help my unbelief.” Then I can hope that together we’ll hear Jesus’s gentle answer, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.”