Dancing and looking stupid but never lost my passion.
Dancing and looking stupid but never lost my passion.


You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”

– Colette

My life philosophy is “make a better mistake today.” I make mistakes everyday and this is so true as I start my new role as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I’ve been embarrassed, looked down and perhaps disrespected but I know that I am improving everyday as long as I don’t repeat the same mistakes. My focus is not preventing myself from making mistakes, but to make better mistakes as I gain knowledge and wisdom.

What prevents people from stepping out their comfort zone is embarrassment and you feel this when you are conscious of other people. It is not a bad thing but once you let that thought enslave you to the point where it hinders you from achieving your goal or life’s dream, you’ve gone too far.

We all have that foolish moment in our lives. If you don’t then start making one today with enthusiasm.