4 Years Ago

The Wonder Boys
The Wonder Boys

4 years ago, our fame swept across the campus after winning People’s Choice. After that night, almost everyone recognised us as the “Wonder Boys.” That feeling was extraordinary and electrifying. But if I walk across campus today, no one will recognise us, not even our names. It’s kind of funny because at that moment you feel like you’ll be remembered forever but the truth is that we don’t.

We want to leave our name, leave a mark in this world like dogs squirting on fire hydrants, marking everything MINE, which is a ridiculous attempt to survive death I think. That is why we keep reliving our old glorious days through pictures, videos and all the SNS wanting to feel important, feel valuable, feel that we are something worth.

I guess the reason I’m writing this piece is because is to relive that moment and wish I could go back to that stage and dance again, as the Wonder Boys.


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