JP's Wedding
JP’s Wedding




The walk after the wedding ceremony is probably the walk that will be remembered forever. I knew JP since 1997 when I first went to Botswana so that makes it 15 years of friendship. I would call him a seeker of faith, an avid adventurer, and a lover of life. He is such a cool guy to be with but I guess his new best friend is going to take full advantage of his company.

One thing that I can’t get my heard wrapped around is that when I met him a year ago in Korea, I can recall we talked about what kind of spouses we wanted to meet (we were both single at that time, well I still am). But a year later boom! He sends me a wedding invitation and now he’s a newlywed. I’m pretty amazed how fast he’s getting married but at the same time I’m happy for him.

Good to see you with the love of your life JP. Now you promised you’ll come to my wedding all the way from Saudi Arabia.