Pohang Airport
Pohang Airport

You and me God, right here right now, face to face. How’s that? Is it too much to ask from me?

Let’s get rid of all the Immanuel stuff, or meeting me through prayer, or through circumstances. I want to meet you face to face. I want to sit down with you literally, have a drink (whatever you prefer) and just chat about anything. It doesn’t matter what we chat about, the important thing is that I chat with You. I’m sure there is plenty for you to say to me and I have plenty to tell you as well.

Maybe you don’t like this old idea, maybe this is the Old Testament method but you know sometimes, the old ways are the best. I still like reading books on paper, read the newspaper, write with a pencil rather than the keyboard, write letters rather than emails. So maybe you should bring back what you did in the Old Testement. Appear in a burning bush and tell me to take my shoes off which I thankfully will. Showing your back to Moses won’t satisfy me. Or talk to me through a donkey but you already did that.

So when are You available?