Never Apologize

into the world of high schoolers.
into the world of high schoolers.


Never apologize for showing feelings. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.”

– Benjamin Disraeli

Human beings are both rational and emotional animals. Every individual posses a feeling and we need to respect that. Apply this rule to any environment: schools, diplomacy, government, military, management and relationships. Perhaps things will get better.

Maybe that is why women are better at relationships and leadership. They express their feelings and they respect other people’s feelings as well. Guys, we are very uncomfortable sharing our feelings. It’s an area we need to improve on.


One thought on “Never Apologize

  1. But feelings have to be moderated and taken under control to a certain extent, no? Feelings are most times simply a reflection of our weaknesses. If a leader (man or woman) cries too much…there would be a slight problem. That’s just my 2 cents=D good post~~

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