There was certainly a time when there was no Facebook, Twitter and no concept such as the Social Network. But today the SNS rules our lives. We breathe it and live it everyday.

Before Facebook, in order to keep in touch with someone over at a different city or across the globe, I had to use email, give a phone call or write letters. Today it’s a two step process: click and scroll. I don’t need to talk to you, write you a message but I can still find out what you did last summer. We call them friends and Facebook is so kind to tell everyone how many of those friends we have.

There use to be a time when the numbers of friends on Facebook and Twitter pumped my confidence and self-esteem. But now I am realizing that friends cannot be put into digits. I do not consider my family in numbers of 4. Each one of them are people with faces, with character and with soul. Friends are the same. 1,000 friends carries little meaning today. What matters more to me is the conventional way of building relationships: which is to call, listen to their voices, ask them out for a coffee and have face time. The conventional way you have to spend energy and time to keep up the relationship. But through the SNS, no need to pay or spend much physical energy because all you need is to click and scroll and maybe type a few words on their pictures.

So I’m going on a SNS diet to go back to the conventional method of making friends. Plus to burn all the online fat that I’ve acquired over the years and keep it sexy.


Goal: 10G of online fat.