One question the movie asks its audience, “what do you care about?”

To answer that question, here are some things I care deeply about.

1. I care about family, because I wouldn’t have come this far without them.

2. I care about education. It provides tool for the mind to do great things.

3. I care about design. The right design solves the right problem.

4. I care about faith, my inner compass.

5. I care about bathrooms. Yes that’s right.

6. I care about imagination because I believe imagination is more important than knowledge (from Einstein).

7. I care about health. Healthy is the new sexy.

8. I care about music. Lalala.

9. I care about the poor and the disabled. I have this inexplicable emotional tug towards them.

10. I care about playing. It’s the channel to creativity.

I am thankful that Steve cared for some of the things people overlooked and never saw. Maybe that is why Apple is so cool and is set apart from its competitors.

P.S. Wondering whether to buy the next iPhone? Buy it and feel the difference!