About Time


This idea of a time machine where one can travel back through time and relive a particular moment is a fascinating one that has been around for a long time. It is evident because such movies with this idea are pretty popular. So I want to ask “Why do we want to go back to our past that is frozen forever?”

Perhaps there are mistakes, or failures, or events that we want to fix. Or perhaps we want to see how our lives would be different if we made some other choice. In other words, we want to make our lives better by reliving the moment. I guess people have this sense of “betterness.”

For me I have been pretty satisfied and happy how my life has turned out. I still have many days ahead of me (I hope) to live the life I dream of. Or in other words, I am already living my dream today. So why need a time machine when you can make a difference in your own life without one. I guess this is why I resonate with this phrase from the movie About Time:

We’re all traveling time together together, everyday of our lives. 
All we can do is do our best, to relish this remarkable ride.”


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