I’ve been making this observation for quite some time now so my statistics are pretty precise and up to date. Are you ready for some shocking news? Because after you read this blog, you will never look at guys the same way again. So please don’t blame me. I already warned you. If you’re a guy then please join the discussion and correct me if I am wrong or let’s hope that you’re the better half.

Here it goes (I give you one last chance to skip this one!).

– 50% of men who use the toilet, do not wash their hands.

This is a fact, this is the truth and I have empirical evidence from my everyday visit to this fascinating place. How do I know? Because I am biologically authorised to enter men’s toilets and yes, I observe how many men actually wash their hands after standing at the urinals. Surprisingly, about half of them do. From little boys to well groomed guys, angry looking men and even old folks don’t wash their hands.

So who is the other half who does? To my amazement children are pretty good at it. Dads with kids always wash their hands since they have to show an example. Then there are random people who are well educated about bathroom manners. You’d think that men who are well dressed would wash but no no no. Even the best looking man in the room shatters your dream. I encountered this pretty awesome guy in the toilet. He goes to the urinal, walks to the mirror and fixes his hair. Next he takes out his cell phone and texts his girl friend and leaves the room. Whoa!

So next time your boyfriend, or your friend comes out of the toilet, watch closely where his hands are going. If you’re the guy who washes then all is well for you.

(I’m desperately hoping the numbers are higher in the opposite side of the world, right?)