I took a milk from the fridge and before I drank it, I checked to see what the expiration date was. April 11th. That’s good enough so down went the milk. It’s quite interesting how our food has an expiration date or a shelf life. The food is good before it goes bad. Once it reaches that date then it ends up in the trash and no one will care to take a second look at it.

This date even applies to people, the retirement age. It’s like this expiration date where people no longer are expected to economically contribute (so leave and we will give you money for free, pensions) so they need to retire. It is a sad thing to think that I will no longer be useful far far away from now.

So I want to make sure that when I reach that date, wherever I am and will be, I am a useful person. Let’s just hope I won’t end up in the trash. It’s not where people belong.