This is Cal Jen, professor of business at Calvin college. We took this picture in Pohang when he visited Korea for an interim class.
He is one of my mentors from Calvin and here are some things I noticed why he makes an extraordinary mentor (which I try to emulate).

– you have his undivided attention. He listens with both his ears and eyes. He is totally focused on the speaker.
– he doesn’t know. I was quite surprised to hear the phrase “I don’t know” frequent times from him. He is a professor (teacher of knowledge), his resume is pretty impressive (was VP of Dominos) and he has the age but he never acts as if he knows everything about life. I go to him for answers to my questions but the only certain answer he will provide is “lets pray about it.” He was unsure about his life’s future plans as much as a college freshmen.
– he replies my emails within the next 12 hours at most no matter how busy his calendar.
– last but not least, it is always the students first. Period. You will know, see and feel that he puts students first when you are in his class. Well even out of class once you graduate.

Thanks so much for the love and care you share to your students.