Impossible is an opinion


Long ago I came across a quote from Adidas that goes like “Impossible is an opinion.” This has proved to be true. Let me give you an example.

I am athletic and yes I like running but I have never ran in a marathon. So in 2012, I signed up for my first half marathon. Before I ran the race, I never believed that I could actually finish the 21km race. For training, the most I ran is like 10km and the longest was for 45 minutes long. I practiced and practiced, I pushed myself to run for more than an hour but my body was defeated. So a couple of days before the race, it was almost impossible to see myself finish a race. I ran and I did finish it. My first record was 2:08 minutes.

So this year I took up the challenge once again. My goal was to best my previous record. Finish the race within 2 hours.

I did it again. I finished the race in 1:50 minutes.

2 races which I thought was impossible a couple of years ago but proved to be wrong. There are many goals that seems impossible, but I have learned that you have to go out and give it a shot. Most of the times, the impossible becomes the possible. And that experience will give you the confidence to conquer your next goal or the impossible.

Just do it.


My first half marathon record.
My first half marathon record.
경주 벚꽃 마라톤에서
경주 벚꽃 마라톤에서
나의 2번째 기록.
나의 2번째 기록.



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