Tectonic plates

Tectonic plates are the large, thin, rigid plates that move relative to one another near the outer surface of the earth. They usually move a few inches a year, about the rate hair grows. But sometimes they get stuck. The stress builds until it releases, sending energy up through the earth’s crust and shaking the surface. An earthquake.

Our lives take place on an unstable planet.

Since the year of 2011, my tectonic plate of faith has been stable and went unnoticed. I don’t know if I should thank God or not for that. My life went according to plan with some little hiccups which I easily coped with.

But in recent days the plate below has made it clear that it is building up pressure. It is going to release a huge wave of unknown energy and has the potential to disrupt the days I call normal. What is going on? Why me? Why now? I only have questions and no answers.

What can I do? I can’t shut down the tectonic activity, or dislocate my heart so that I can be free from pain and loss. But what I can do is to accept the uncertainty and not to turn away. I can search for the honest truth.

So I’m going back to my notebook and pencil where I can search, search honestly, search deeply, search broadly and most important, to search with courage. Oh God please help me, help me to stay human and find you among the debris of my idols.

“We discover we’re impotent and edge closer to despair; other times we become contributors to goodness and edge closer to hope. Whatever the outcome, not turning away seems vital to the work of trying to stay human, of trying to find truth, and maybe even God.” 

After Shock by Kent Annan