There are few states/conditions I love to be in like being in love, wonder, awe, humility, and learning. Learning for me is that sense of not knowing and then suddenly realizing something for the first time brings me great delight. Perhaps I will remain a student forever. There is so many beauty in this world that I want to learn and calligraphy happens to be one of them.

The word calligraphy derives from two Greek words, kallos meaning “beauty,” and graphein “to write” – literally meaning “beautiful writing.”

Many people remind me that I have horrible handwriting and I never disagreed with them. Sometimes I would dispute them by saying that geniuses like Einstein have horrible writing but I know that I am not equivalent to him. I always have wondered about my handwriting because both my parents have beautiful handwriting (my dad’s writing seems like he printed from a computer) and unfortunately I didn’t even get a small percentage of that DNA.

One of the primary motivation to start calligraphy is to get better at writing by hand. I believe that we as people essentially have to endlessly communicate. So writing is something I will have to do forever. So if I have to do it for such a long time why not get better at it? That is why I picked up this class.

On the other hand being a student gives me perspective on how to be a teacher. Being in that seat of uncertainty, waiting for instructions and being in the state of not knowing helps me to resonate with the students I teach.

In all this, it is hard work learning something new especially if you don’t do it well. But through training and persistence, I wish I can become a better writer or in the literal meaning of the word calligraphy, “beautiful writer.”

Some of my work… Enjoy.