Gangnam Kyobo Bookstore


One of the places I visit to get some inspiration and motivation is the bookstore. The first bookstore I remember going with my dad was one in Seoul and I frankly don’t remember what he bought me but I only remember it being so big. But throughout the years wherever we travel my dad would always make a stop to a local bookstore (well Christian bookstore to be specific) and buy something. I guess I got this mental habit from my dad then which I am thankful for. 
When I am surrounded by thousands of books I feel three things: 
  1. Humility – there are so many things I don’t know about the world so I want to get to learn them (which is one of my favorite conditions to be in)
  2. Wonder – towards the wealth of ideas that are stored in the pages
  3. Lucky – to randomly stumble upon a book that captures my interest and imagination (which I end up buying)
A bookstore is a place where the emotions of humility, wonder and lucky can mingle and talk to each other. These places make me come alive. I wish books will never run out of this world and never shall a screen replace the touch of paper.