It is easy to lose its meaning the activities we carry out every day. For me, prayer has been one of those must-do activities which have lost its meaning. So I thought I needed to relearn what prayer is and I turned to one of my favorite writers, Tim Keller for help.

I believe that the more I know about prayer the better I will do.

Honestly, the title of the book unveils everything about the book: Prayer – Experiencing awe and intimacy with God.

This book helps you to understand prayer and suggest practical ways to deepen your prayer life to be fully engaged with God. Tim Keller is an excellent writer so you will learn something on every page of the book.

Below are some passages that captured my attention to help me understand what prayer is:


Through prayer, which brings heaven into the ordinary, we see the world differently, even in the most menial and trivial daily tasks. Prayer changes us.



The problem is that if God is not the starting point, then our own perceived emotional needs become the drivers and sole focus of our prayer. That will inevitably narrow prayer down from its full biblical spectrum.




What it is

Work – prayer is a duty and a discipline

Word – Prayer is conversing with God

Balance – Prayer is adoration, confession, thanks and supplication


What it requires 

Grace – Prayer is “in Jesus’ name,” based on the gospel

Fear – Prayer is the heart engaged in loving awe

Helplessness – Prayer is accepting one’s weakness and dependence


What it gives 

Perspective – Prayer reoriented your view toward God

Strength – Prayer is spiritual union with God

Spiritual Reality – Prayer seeks a heart sense of the presence of God


Where it takes us 

Self-knowledge – Prayer requires and creates honestly and self-knowledge

Trust – Prayer requires and creates both restful and confidence hope

Surrender – Prayer requires and creates surrender of the whole life in love to God


What is prayer? 

Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God, for things agreeable to his will, in the name of Christ, with a confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgment of his mercies.