A couple of thoughts about this ad:

  1. It’s cool (I wonder how they made it)
  2. It is very difficult for a profit-driven company to have such cool values
  3. Every word is intentional and relevant


P.S. You can find the whole script of the ad below.

My favorite phrase is, “Relentless optimism.”

When I first came to my workplace I was eager and passionate to make it a better place. But after a year I feel hopeless about changing. In other words, I am making compromises to the status quo. So as the year comes to an end and as I look forward to a new beginning, what I need is “relentless optimism” that it will get better than this.


“Here’s to those who have always seen things differently.

The ones who follow a vision not a path

Where others perceive first as valuable,

you value the first thing that actually matters.

While others are distracted by the new,

You focus on the significance of a whole new take.

Even before you could see how,

You never doubted we would change things.

And we did together.

Again and again.

Relentless optimism is what moves the world forward.

So, keep seeing the things differently.

Keep trusting there is always another way,

a better way, a bigger way.

One that lifts up humanity

Breaks down our barriers.

And heals the landscape.

You are the difference between the world as it was

and the better place it will become.

And different is the one thing about us

that will always be the same.”