I have this little hobby (or side projects would be a better name) where I edit videos. I think it started in college when I wanted to make an event memorable to others by being able to reminisce it through a video instead of still images.

Video editing I believe is a creative work. I have to paint a big picture (or storyline) of what I want the viewers to feel. Then I have to collect the images or videos and place them according to the big picture. At the same time I look closely for any details in those little moments where I can shine a spotlight to make people laugh or joy. Then I add some music to that goes matches the event, the image or the activity. Once I have a raw footage, I review the work from start to end many times until there is no error and it the video has a coherent flow. Finally, I click Export.

It has been a while since I have made one of these. The last one I made was for our wedding video back in 2015. So after two years here is a little work of mine, <Fayston High School Teachers’ Christmas Party>.

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work. It is applied imagination.”
– Ken Robinson <Creative Schools> p.118